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The ATA4ART craft was opened a year ago - its owner Antica Tomić has started the business after 23 years of service in perfumery, when she was eventually encouraged to start her own enterprise.

“Even as a little girl I was sewing clothes for my dolls by hands. I also created their furniture from polystyrene and different boxes. I have even made some clothes for myself when I reached the age of puberty. I used some of mother’s clothes to make myself different tailored garments, all without her knowledge of course. Later, when I got married and became a mother I moved into my own home with my husband and I began to refurnish some old furniture. Everything that was a surplus to some, it was much needed to me.”

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

“My husband wasn’t very happy that I started to collect “trash”. But with a bit of work, new colours, with decoupage technique, all of those trash items were transformed into new pieces of furniture my husband liked very much”, she began her story. While her children were small, she was always organizing some creative workshops at birthdays and on one occasion she was invited to school to make Christmas wraths with children.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

The love of jewellery making began some 10 years ago. “It was my relaxation in the evening when after a hard day with my four angels I had some time for myself. Little by little, my friends and acquaintances started to ask me to make something for them or for their friends, for birthdays or some other celebratory presents. That was my own confirmation to me that I was doing something good, same as the encouragement for the future”, she says that now she is mainly in jewellery making. She has also completed a workshop for designer jewellery and has developed an interest in brand new, different techniques. She likes to work with brass, copper and silver and wants to dedicate herself completely to those materials. This is a true artistic work from sketching, painting, decorating with various techniques and finally finishing and polishing. The process is long but I enjoy every step and it is a great pleasure when you see the final result. A lot of effort, time and love have been invested in each and every piece, and people recognize it”.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

In addition to jewellery, she also produces advent wreaths, made of various materials, the fresh ones made of Nordic trees, but also the artificial ones dressed in wool as well as the ornaments.

“I also produce small baby plates, that is a plaster plate, cast in a mould which I manually paint, so that every single one is unique. The name of the baby is entered on the plate: name, date and time of birth, weight and length. There is also a place where the parents can stick the photo. Finally, I put it in a wooden box. I have a lot more ideas, but I never have enough time”, says Antica.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

You can order her products via Facebook or Instagram, and there is also a web shop. If you want to see her and her products personally, there are always fairs, because she says: “People like to see things personally, they like to try, and for me the key element is the communication. That way I get lots of feedbacks, some guidelines for further ideas and new ideas also. Since I have worked as a merchant for 23 years, I do love selling so I managed to combine two passions into one”.

She draws inspiration in many different ways. She finds inspiration in materials, in everything which surround her.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

“I like geometric shapes, and how I develop I tend to simplicity and purity of the lines, with just a few details so I can get a distinctiveness and diversity. There are lots of creative people who do wonderful things and it’s difficult to be the one who point out, but I think that there is enough place for all of us”, she adds.

There are many plans for the future, her great desire is to finish her web shop. “My plan and a great wish for a future is to have my own small gallery, a small shop on the main street of our beautiful city, in Ilica between Ban Jelacic Square and Frankopan street. I see myself there, this is my greatest wish and I hope it will come true” and with this, this versatile artist concludes her speech.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

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