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Doris Art is dealing with the making of souvenirs, hand-painted ceramics, glass, metal and textiles with elements of Croatian tradition and cultural heritage.

“After graduating from the School of Applied Art and Design and The University of Textile Technology and after many years of artistic expression through the art association, I have decided to open a craftsmanship in 2014, because of the increased demand on the market”, the creator behind Doris Art, Doris Koritnik, begins her story.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

“Opening up a trade was a logical way because I was using art all of my life, and love for drawing, art and textiles was intertwined with the fashion creations even in my early graduation work. I am grateful to my husband, parents and brother for support and help without which I would not succeed”, she concludes.

The quality of the finished product is very important to her, so she cooperates successfully with Croatian ceramic manufacturers who, according to her conceptual solutions, make glazed ceramics that she uses for her souvenirs. “For the Christmas fair, I co-operate with a craftsman of glassmakers, whose glass balls in multiple colours and dimensions are painted by architecture, weave, licitar and occasional Christmas motifs. With cooperation I want to support the Croatian producers and to present a quality product to the market”, she emphasises the importance of cooperation with local craftsmen.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

Her products are special because of relief painting with the colour which faithfully represents the motifs of cities and their sights to the finest details, national weave such as the Šestine motifs, various forms of lace and other motifs from Croatian tradition and cultural heritage.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

“Everything is done by the orders and in the batches, and in collaboration with the client. I also create special conceptual solutions according to their wishes that are then painted. I paint with high quality paint for glass and ceramics, I produce all the details with the contour of pastas, and finally I finish with the gloss and quality “, she explains the process of making her own handicrafts.

The products include ceramic and glass souvenirs such as: cups, hearts, oil pots, bells, wine glasses, smaller size magnets on canvas and ceramics, larger glass clocks in the frames. She enjoys making jewellery with metallic medallions which are painted with national weaves such as lace and Šestine motifs.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

Thanks to many years of experience in souvenir production, she cooperates with souvenir shops and participates actively in fairs organized by the Association of Craftsmen of the City of Zagreb – Easter Fair, Crafts Fair, Christmas Fair, National dances fair. “Exhibiting at fairs enables me to communicate with the clients as well as the presentation of my new products,” she says.

“Making souvenirs is a dynamic job that requires a full-time stay in the workshop. I like my work and I want to offer my customers new souvenirs with fresh ideas. I am happy to have such customers who always come back to me, because they value my work and my creations”, she concludes.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

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