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The Flower Shop N was established in 1978 in Čanićeva 14 by Gordana Kravar and her father, and in the 1990s they moved to Ilica 49 where they are still located.

Sisters Ninka Pavleković and Nataša Kravar used to help their mother as secondary school students, so after graduation from university they joined her, only to completely take over the business in 1995. The business is registered as traditional and artistic craft since they make spicy bouquets and jewellery, as did their mother Gordana.

Photo: Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL

The shop produces arrangements for all occasions, from birth, baptising, wedding ceremonies to burials to decoration of business and private areas, hotels, restaurants… They have also been engaged in education for many years. Gordana Kravar was the President of the Commission for Professional Training for the vocation Florist – Arranger, and in the past ten years, the same position has been occupied by Nataša Kravar. “A number of now recognised florists have undergone education with us. In the past five years, we have invested significant funds and arranged a classroom in our shop for future attendees, and this project is something that rejoices us because we convey our knowledge and rich experience to new interested attendees,” says Nataša Kravar. She adds that they cooperate with different colleges (Platform of Knowledge College – for education of adults), associations, schools (for example Agricultural School). They take part in a number of activities related to promotion of the profession, from Florart to different workshops through the Associations of Craftsmen.

Photo: Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL

Educations are something we plan to deal with to a larger extent in the future and we hope that we will improve the conditions for all future attendees,” Nataša Kravar explains. “All larger projects we work on, from hotels, public and private areas, marriage ceremonies to the smallest – bouquets equally rejoice us because we work with flowers,” Nataša says. They look at flowers as a medium through which they express their sense for beautiful.
They try to beautify areas and important dates to all customers, and they believe that at least they convey to them their addiction with flowers. “We dream of flowers, we provide them, arrange, dry, break down. We love them. And we also like others to love them,” Nataša Kravar concludes.

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