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In his workshop located in Ljudevita Posavskog 4, craftsman Stjepan Đurek has continued the goldsmith tradition started in 1953, succeeding his cousin, who had taught him the craft, at the head of the workshop in 1979.

“This job is never boring. All other metalwork has been derived from the goldsmith’s craft, it is the starting point. Precision, and also creativity, is what is important for work with gold. That is why we have the status of an artistic craft. Even though sometimes you have to put strenuous effort and the job requires a lot of patience, I enjoy doing everything and it is great pleasure to see what you can do with your own hands,” Stjepan says.

The offer of the Đurek Goldsmith contains a full range of jewellery, along with services like restoration of old jewellery, repair and custom-made jewellery. With good cooperation, your ideas are made true in Stjepan’s hands. Given that the workshop is not in the very centre of town, it is not much accessible to tourists but Stjepan can boast its constant, long-year clients and interested passers-by.

“Once, at times of feasts, I wasn’t able to sleep because of so much work, while now it happens that some months that were not attractive for sale become better than the moths of feasts. If times were better, my son who is currently preoccupied with other interests might happen to take over the craft and continue the tradition. Jewellery is something that will be needed at any time, as you know how people say, ‘initially man preferred adorning themselves to paying attention to their clothes” Sjepan explains.

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