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Confectionery shop M&M was founded in 1992 when Iva and Željko, who had been in the hospitality business for a number of years, decided to start their own business. Their children Martina and Marin had always been with them and they took over the tradition. The craft M&M was named precisely after the children’s names. Since the beginning the confectionery shop has been situated in 13 Ratarska Street. In time the business grew so they expanded their business activities.

They’re famous for their large cake selection with about 40 cakes offered every day. They also offer a large number of snack cakes. Guests can get whatever they want as the guests can combine all kinds of sponge cakes and creams to their own liking. M&M doesn’t have any standard cakes as all of them have been creating according to the clients’ wishes. Clients also get to choose the very shape of the cake. By doing so, the cake is completely in line with the clients’ needs and wishes. They also make figurines that kids just love. Moreover, they’re known for their cheese štrukli and it is said that, once you try them, you’ll always come back for more.

“We do our best to always have quality ingredients and we go by the rule not to offer our guests something we wouldn’t eat ourselves”, Martina points out.

Photo: Jurica Galoić/PIXSELL

Cake Bijeli Zagreb (White Zagreb) is their special signature cake. People are pretty familiar with it. It’s made from meringue, almonds, a bit of marzipan and white chocolate. Given that the shop is located outside the city centre, customers and guests mostly find out about us by word of mouth. Considering their long-standing reputation, people come for a reason. They’re proud of the fact that they made cakes for presidents, Pope John Paul II and lots of other public figures.

I love making cakes, even though currently I’m more involved in craft-related paperwork. I love being in touch with people. Their happy faces when they see the cake and when they tell us how our cakes made their celebration special gives meaning to what we do”, Martina concludes.

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Ratarska 13, 1000 zagreb
ponedjeljak - nedjelja: 7- 21h
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