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28 Oct

Autumn treats for an even sweeter autumn in Zagreb

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Leaves have changed colours heralding the arrival of autumn in our city. The advent of autumn is a clear sign that it’s high time we enjoyed seasonal desserts and this mostly refers to chestnut desserts. When it comes to Zagreb’s craftsmen, confectionery shops Vincek and M&M have stepped up their offer, but you can also get your hands on the famous paprenjaci that go great with teas suited to this time of year

Chestnuts used to be considered an important ingredient that was prepared to different recipes with desserts not being so frequent as today, whereas chestnut desserts are nowadays considered to tantalize the taste buds. All chestnut lovers can head to Vincek where they can relish all kinds of chestnut delicacies. The tradition of making their very own chestnut purée is something they’ve taken great pride in since the very beginnings. Moreover, their fellow citizens have recognised their product as a symbol of the autumn’s advent.

Available chestnut products are exceptionally diverse ranging from chestnut purée, chestnut roll, chestnut cake, chestnut desserts to chestnut marron. Chestnut purée is by far the most popular product as it befits the autumn ambiance perfectly. When the weather turns cold, bleak and gloomy, this dessert will give everything a livelier appearance.

Photo: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL

The ingredients used to make chestnut purée guarantee an aroma second to none: sweet cream and pure chestnuts containing very little sugar. Sounds like an excellent combination, doesn’t it? This is why it hardly comes as a surprise that people of all ages and stages adore this delicious dessert because there are no rules when it comes to rich flavours. Thanks to this chestnut purée gives each autumn and winter a certain romantic vibe and constitutes one of the reasons why we look forward to autumn so much”, they disclosed at confectionery shop Vincek.

Come autumn, confectionery shop M&M rolls out a seasonal dessert list. Naturally, chestnuts cakes are included in addition to their regular desserts such as Split cake and Dobos cake. The classic chestnut purée, chestnut cake with a chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream and chocolate, chestnut roll and chestnut parfait, as well as pear purée are just some of the standout desserts. You also have the delicious Varaždin cake and a cake called Čarobna jesen (Magical Autumn), which is a novelty. Confectionery shop M&M gladly invites everyone to pay them a visit in order to try their desserts. You’ll also get chance to see first-hand why this is going to be a wonderful autumn teeming with sweet flavours.

When we think of Zagreb in the autumn, it always conjures up images of the well-known paprenjak. Craft Paprenjak has several versions to choose from: Original, Lavender, Chocolate, Whole Grain and Carob. A biscuit supplement called Medena priča (Honey Story) is a special product that fosters interaction. If you follow the instructions at Paprenjak website, you can have a go at making your very own biscuits, have fun and learn something new at the same time. All cookies go great with tea mixtures from the Paprenjak selection, i.e. Narodni, Urban and Apćiha.


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