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20 Nov

Transform your home with a single stroke

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With 2019 approaching, you may have considered introducing change into your life by designing an updated look for your home. Properties that have started to seem rundown, saddled with dated and unappealing decoration or worn-out furniture can be enlivened at a reasonable expense.

In addition to the improved quality of life, new carpentry and joinery will naturally increase the value of the property. We could all find room for one or two pieces of furniture of exceptional beauty and superb workmanship in our house or apartment, but there is no guarantee what we will end up with when deciding on our carpenter. This is why we introduce Woodwork Džafić by listing their credentials.

Have you ever stopped to admire the interior of a church? Even the seemingly most modest chapel often lays claim to cultural treasures. The sense of calm that governs there is a synthesis between the exalted architecture, the gentle light of the candle, and artistic elements in the form of carvings, bulkheads, portals, pews, confessionals – objects that serve a ritual function, as well as that of interpreting the beautiful, doubling as keepers of cultural traditions and archetypes for future creators to follow.

One of the links in this intergenerational transfer of values is Mr Milan Džafić, a master carpenter whose work is on display in two Ivanić Grad churches (as well as others throughout Croatia) whose most precious possessions have been in his care for the past fifteen years. Mr Džafić has carved a lifetime of his ideas, reflections and emotion in cherry, oak and larch wood, and this is evident in every finely worked detail.

Photo: Marko Prpic/PIXSELL

Keeping this in mind, let’s take a short walk around our home as we keep an eye out for options that allow limited interventions to have a dramatic effect – without the need to adjust our lifestyle or habits.

We begin outside. Detached houses can be redesigned or made market-ready by working on the exterior. Renovated soffits, fascia, bargeboards, shutters, porticos or canopies can restore the charm and character of an unpresentable, colourless facade, making it far more attractive. Good choices could result in moving your favourite activities to a new setting! A more pleasant exterior can also breathe new life into the nearby surroundings – the appearance of the portico and the yard reaches out to the street. Let’s keep walking.

Just picture the impact a new front door would have on the impression of a home and each visitor’s experience. One of the best ways to breathe new life into your home can be found on your doorstep. A new door, architrave and skirting are precisely some of the most visible design elements that provide space with its contours. The door’s large surface provides an excellent opportunity to display visual motifs, achieving a unique decorative effect. They are a great starting point for a renovation, an introduction to realising our concept of our living space and represent a long-term investment.

Photo: Marko Prpic/PIXSELL

We pass through the lobby and head down the hallway. The kitchen and dining room are a communal family space and your home’s emotional centre. A new set of kitchen and dining furniture – one with a pedigree – will give it a new look and increased functionality. No comprehensive change is necessary, allowing you to focus on areas that need changing the most, whether it’s worktops, cabinets or shelves. Cabinet doors and handles, for instance, often have a short life span due to fragile construction so it is good to replace them with more durable models. Lack of work surfaces is just as common, and redecorating is a good opportunity to tailor their layout according to your needs. Some attention needs to be paid so new elements don’t feel out of place in the setting. Artistically crafted kitchen carpentry creates an oasis where you will happily enjoy a wealth of shared family moments.

The tour can continue. Wherever you may go and whatever you might imagine, Woodwork Džafić is ready to help turn the vision into reality. Fortunately, many of the workshop’s most prominent products are perfect for transforming your home’s overall appearance.

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