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11 Nov

Zagreb craftsmen in the world: from the Šestine umbrella to the Glagolitic alphabet on clothes

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Great Zagreb craftsmen have found their way to the hearts of people all over the world! Here are the products we have selected for you…

The fact that local craftsmen successfully sell their products outside the borders of Croatia speaks volumes about the reputation of the crafts of the city of Zagreb. Their handicrafts are appreciated by Croats abroad, and often foreign citizens contact them through the Zagreb Crafts platform. United in placing their products on foreign markets, craftsmen find inspiration in traditional elements. The famous Zagreb umbrella maker Cerovečki is also well known in Japan and the United States, from where he often receives orders for the Šestine umbrella. Handmade umbrellas with a Zagreb motif have chestnut and bamboo handles, and the wires are made to resist rust. You can find out more about the craftsman at the link.

In the same Zagreb passage, there is another traditional craft that is adored by Croatian emigrants – Ethno boutique Mara. Zagreb designers took advantage of the wealth of local folk costumes and heritage from which they draw inspiration for clothing creations every day. Their applied Glagolitic alphabet is a trademark of the craft, and at the recently held Zlatna igla they presented men’s shirt models inspired by Slavonian gold embroidery.

When we talk about our internationally recognized crafts, we must not forget the activities of the Mikuš family. Given the fact that the Mikuš craft has been producing traditional wooden toys for generations, it is not surprising that word of them spread all the way to the Far East. The Croatian National Tourist Board bought wooden toys to promote Croatia in Tokyo, so it can be said that Zagreb toys have been given a place on the world creative stage.

12.06.2018., Laz Bistricki – Za potrebe projekta ZagrebCrafts snima se obrt Mikus, vlasnice Pavice Mikus. Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL

Zagreb hatters are especially appreciated by foreign citizens. Over the years, headgear produced by the Cahun or Kobali family has become a recognizable part of Zagreb’s cultural heritage. Since these are hats and caps with no expiration date, tourists simply adore them. Of the other traditional crafts, Zagreb is proud of its numerous goldsmith workshops where jewelry has been handmade for generations, and of the rarer crafts interesting to foreign citizens, the Peroklinika Vlasta Keranović and two glass-blowing crafts stand out. Thanks to the new generations who are trying to keep the old crafts alive, we are predicting a long life of these unique products on the Zagreb tourist scene.

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