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20 Jan

Are you invited to the confirmation or the first com-munion and you do not know what to give? We do!

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If you are invited to be a part of confirmation, first communion or some other…

If you are invited to be a part of confirmation, first communion or some other special occasion and would like to give a more valuable and enduring gift, you are probably wondering where to find a piece of jewellery that will appeal to young people and have a personal seal at the same time. We have asked three prominent goldsmiths what young people love.

At Lapidarium you will find unique collections of gold and silver jewellery based on their creations and rich collaboration with various creatives. In 1990, the Nokaj family founded Zlatarna Mario in Zagreb’s Krvavi Most No. 2, continuing its long-standing family tradition of jewellery making. They later expanded their business to the Lapidarium in Radićeva 10, run by Mario Nokaj, where they turned to the gallery concept, modern design, and recently expanded their business to a new space in Rovinj.

Nokaj points out that young people mostly love some tiny decorative items tailored to their tastes so they can give those to each other or to get them as a gift from their parents. “For the confirmation and the first communion, we make small series, and all these items are mostly personalised. The themes are mostly sacral – crosses, angels, but also flowers and butterflies. Many of them come up with their own creation which we make possible”, explains Nokaj and reveals that for the confirmation and the first communion people mostly look for bracelets and necklaces.

“Godfathers and parents usually buy crosses or cuffs for young men. Generally, men less often buy jewellery for themselves”, says the goldsmith. Nokaj explains that young people still prefer to buy white gold: “The demand for yellow gold is also increasing because it is a prestige thing, as it is immediately seen that it is gold. Even though we give a certificate to each piece of jewellery”.  At Lapidarium, they process the gold and silver and in two days they can make any kind of jewellery item according to customers’ wishes, even though it is much better to order it seven to ten days earlier.

The Bashota family from Zagreb is one of the goldsmith jewellery stores with the longest tradition, not only in Zagreb but also in Croatia. They often work according customers’ orders, first by sketching the details, and after by making jewellery according to the agreement with the buyer. Thanks to the exclusive handicraft and unique pieces of jewellery, the Bashota family has successfully preserved the long-standing family tradition of goldsmiths. Đani Bashota says that for the confirmation and the first communion people mostly seek pendants, earrings and bracelets, often with sacred motives. “Young people prefer white gold and older people prefer yellow gold. In recent years, ethno motives are very popular”, said Bashota.

The Crkvenac family thanks to the enchanting goldsmith tradition is certainly one of the most promising for the development and upgrading of the goldsmith crafts in Zagreb. In addition to the rich collection of unique jewellery pieces, jewellery is also made by order, replicated and antique pieces have been repaired, and besides they do all kinds of engravings, as well as the possibility of incorporating precious, synthetic and artificial stones. The Crkvenac family points out that for all occasions, as well as for confirmations and first communions, they have a very wide palette of offers and if they don’t have something, they can make it within a week, depending on the desired subject.

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