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22 Sep

Project O2: grow trees in glass balls of Zagreb crafts!

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Meet Koogle, eco-friendly brand that allows you to grow a tree in a glass ball!

Martina Šimunković, owner of the brand Koogle, grew up in a glass ornaments workshop and studio where, for more than 60 years, hand-blown glass ornaments have been made. Family heritage, among other things, encouraged her to found what is known today as Project 02 with two of her associates. She has been thinking intensely about ecology lately so she came up with the idea of growing trees in glass balls.

„I teamed up with two of my associates, Goran Ladišić and dr. sc. Dušan Jelić, and we started Project 02. This project is aimed at developing environmental awareness and forest preservation by encouraging tree-planting through products Koogle Earth and Forest In The Box. As the project progresses, we will broaden our product offering“, says the owner.

Koogle Earth is a hand-blown glass ball that serves as a greenhouse, an ideal incubator for germination and development of tree shoots. A plant that has taken root in a ball and, over time, outgrows its dimensions, should be carefully removed and replanted. New home of the tree will be available for selection via application, an integral part of the project. It should be noted, only native and non-invasive plants, such as sycamore maple and field maple, common oak and downy oak, beech, english yew and olive tree will be sold as a part of Project 02.

„During the planning stage of tree-planting we pick out native plants of the area. Namely, Croatia encompasses three biogeographical regions (the Mediterrenean region, the Alpine region and the Continental region) with their own climatic, geological, topographic and vegetation characteristics and every native species is adapted to fit their environment.“, adds Šimunković.

Forest In The Box is a wooden box that contains material for growing tree seedlings in recycled paper containers. It is made of 100% biodegradable material and is didactic, intended for families with children, kindergartens and schools as part of the curriculum. This innovative method allows the buyer to grow a tree on his own – at home or in the office, and then replant it somewhere else. You can grow it with your children which contributes to the education about ecology and the importance of preserving the ecosystems provided by the forest. One of the motives for launching the Project 02 was to encourage individual environmental activity that brings satisfaction, a sense of usefulness and further motivation, equally important to the individual and the environment. Also, there are more and more companies and brands aiming to encourage socially responsible activities, but the offer of such solutions is limited.

„We would like to offer Koogle Earth to souvenir shops in national parks and nature parks as a product designed and manufactured in Croatia. Sales to individuals will be allowed in stores of similar products, at eco-fairs, through their own and other web shops.“ The curiosity related to the project is that the hand-crafted stand is shaped from burnt wood so the project is involved in cleaning the area after the fire. Curently we are developing web application under the name Tree For Life which will provide the user with information on locations suitable for planting trees, species recommended for planting in the area, at what time, etc. – all of the above will be traceable on the specified application, and activities will be published on social networks.“, concludes the inventive brand owner.

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