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01 Sep

Summer at Zagreb Crafts!

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Summer is at its sunset, and from the creative offer of Zagreb Crafts, we have singled out some news that we want to introduce you to and that marked the craft summer behind us.

Lapis earrings by Sylvia Talan

Silvia Talan, the artist behind the brand Nott.ordinaryjewelz, creates recognizable jewellery mostly based on rope, and she marked the summer with a collection of LAPIS earrings where she combined precious stones with gold details. Silvia Talan publishes her earrings interwoven with sea details every day on the craft’s Facebook profile, and you can see some of the Lapis earrings in our gallery.

Happy Holidays Olivere Cavric

Olivera Cavric is an academic painter behind the art studio where she sells her artwork. The Happy Zagreb, Happy Croatia and New Media souvenir collections were created from, as she says, the pure need to share pleasure with others. You can see the souvenir collections on the link. At the recently finished exhibition of HDLU members she presented a 9-part work called Happy Holidays.

Koogle Earth by Martina Šimunković

Martina Šimunković from the Koogle brand marked the summer by collaborating on the O2 project, within which she creates Koogle Earth – plants in the hand-blown glass balls. The commendable project 02 deals with ecological solutions for growing saplings and afforestation, and Koogle Earth is part of that project to enable everyone to grow a tree.

Martina Šimunković plants only indigenous trees in her hand-blown balls, and you can transplant the stem into nature after it outgrows the Koogla.

Summer discounts in DORA craft

In the Dora tailoring trade, in addition to the well-known women’s coats made of the highest quality materials, viscose dresses are a favourite piece of many customers. Take a look at some of the models, as well as the current summer discounts, on the Facebook pages of DORA.

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