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In 1991, after years of training and dedicated work, Anita Zannotti Štulec started her own business, A shoo, specializing in the making of high quality handmade shoes. She inherited her love of handwork from her parents, who were shoemakers themselves, and today the whole family is involved in the craft business.

By starting her own business she wanted to create unique collections of women’s leather shoes in sync with the latest fashion trends in the world. With twenty-five years of successful business under her belt, she makes exclusive women’s footwear in accordance with customers’ wishes, every model being a unique handmade article.

Over the years she has specialized in ceremonial shoes such as shoes for weddings and other occasions, and on a smaller scale she also makes men’s shoes to order. With the growth of the market, Anita Štulec has come up with innovations to the traditional shoemaking approach and has consequently introduced new techniques in using unorthodox shoemaking materials such as lace, silk, and tweed.

Photo: Danijel Berković/PIXSELL

“These materials are extremely difficult to work with because they are clothing fabrics,” Anita points out and adds that, by investing significantly into the equipment, she has achieved the desired result, of which she is proud.

In her work she uses only natural leather. In addition to shoes, she makes accessories such as belts, bags, etui cases, and wallets. Customers first come to the store to have their measurements taken, the artisans then make prototypes in line with the requirements, and after a fitting they make some corrections. It is only then that shoemaking itself can begin. Lasts are adapted to the foot while the aesthetic quality is skillfully observed. They are proud of their wooden soles lines and a piercing series inspired by popular metal decorations. They are currently making a line of hand crochet espadrilles for a French designer, and, in addition to shoemaking, they specialize in shoe repairs, to which they attend as meticulously as they do to shoemaking.

Photo: Danijel Berković/PIXSELL

The long production process requires the kind of handwork that was once held in high regard, whereas today they must compete with the big brand names and their mass production. Nevertheless, A Shoo Shoe Store offers to its customers high quality modern footwear while continuing to perfect its products by keeping in sync with the latest fashion trends and by participating in European shoe fairs and shows.

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Martićeva ulica 19, 10 000 Zagreb;
Tijardovićeva 20, Prečko;
+385 1 3886 944
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