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The Zagreb Chamber of Trade and Crafts (hereinafter: the Chamber) holds the right to create and/or publish content and manage the website (internet portal) and all associated subdomains.

A person using this website (hereinafter: the User) gives its unconditional consent to the application of these Terms of Use by using this website and it shall be deemed capable of accepting these Terms of Use and that it understands all the risks related to using content published and made available herein.

Using content made available on this website shall be permitted only in the manner and under the conditions set forth in these Terms of Use.

Using the content made available on this website in any other manner shall be subject to adequate legal protection and applying adequate and legally allowed measures with regard to the User and/or third party that derive a benefit from using content made available on this website.


  1. In case of accessing and/or using the domain, all associated subdomains and corresponding content (for instance: text, photos), software and service provided through the website regardless of the way they are used, the User explicitly gives its consent without any limitations or reservation to use the website in accordance with these General Terms of Use (hereinafter: “the Terms”). Regulation of all legal relations arising or which may arise from using this website shall be performed according to these Terms.
  2. The owner of the Chamber reserves the right to change, limit or cease to provide the website’s service at any time, including access to the website and also reserves the right to partially or completely limit provision of certain services should there be a breach of provisions stipulated herein.
  3. By using the website content the user accepts all liabilities arising from this usage and undertakes to use the content only for personal use and at their own responsibility.
  4. The owner reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time and shall not be held liable for any possible results arising from such amendments. The amendments above shall come into effect when they are published on this website.


  1. Documents, data and information published on the website may not be reproduced, distributed or used in any way contrary to these Terms.
  2. The content and visual identity, as well as the software are protected pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, the Trademark Act and the Criminal Code. It is particularly strictly prohibited to change, publish, disseminate, sell, broadcast, edit, copy or use the content, visual identity and the website software, as well as any type of content made available on the website, in any way with the exception being when such an option has been specified in these Terms or arises from the Owner’s prior approval.
    • The disseminated content shall not exceed 200 characters regardless of whether the original content is transferred as a whole or on several locations with obligation to uphold the integrity of the original content.
    • Information regarding the source/origin and/or author are not to be on a smaller scale than it is in the original content.
    • In case the digital platform content is conveyed, an obligatory direct link leading to the other party’s original content is to be placed at the beginning, within or at the end of the textual content.
    • The disseminated content must retain its initial integrity. In accordance with the original content, it is not permitted to change the original meaning and integrity so as to avoid misunderstandings arising from proving the source of the information and establishing whether the content has been interpreted too freely.
  3. It is strictly prohibited to use the website service for commercial purposes. Storing or copying the content for any other purpose other than personal use is strictly prohibited. It is particularly prohibited to use the website so it may be accessed via another website or portal by a link, mirror or any other way that enable the website to be reached within another domain, portal or website.
  4. The Chamber holds all utilisation rights and other rights to the website content. The content has been created by the Executive Producer of 24sata d.o.o. and the Chamber shall not be held liable for possible inaccuracies regarding the material edited by the Executive Producer.

The Chamber shall not be held liable for injury suffered as a result of unauthorised and/or faulty use and/or website abuse by users.

  1. In case of unauthorised, inadmissible and/or illegal use of any content (text, photos, software, audio-visual work or music) from the website, the Chamber reserves the right to claim full indemnification and bring civil and criminal action before the competent courts.


  1. Website users are:
    • subjects involved in content creation (craftsmen) that independently create a part of the content in Subsections representing them (general information on the craft, information about new products and photos of the products)
    • registered readers/visitors who can comment on the published content, send an inquiry to the craftsmen through a contact form or take part in giveaway programmes
  2. By using the website the users acknowledge and accept that any content (for instance: comments, reviews) made available on the website or delivered by them is subject to utilisation and free use by the Executive Producer and the Chamber so the content may be edited, adapted, partially or entirely removed, modified, published and/or disseminated in any manner and in any form, including the so called “RSS feed”, as defined by these Terms.
  3. Each delivery of user-generated content, as well as any publishing or other way of making content available to the public through the website shall be deemed to constitute that the user accepts the Term of Use referring to the charge-free transfer and transfer of rights to the said content to the Chamber so it can use it on this or other platforms owned by the Chamber
  4. Every publishing of user-generated content on the website (whether it is automated or through an authorised person/administrator) alongside any delivery of a certain content shall be deemed that the user has accepted the offer
    • The offer defined by the Terms of Used refers to all adults and refers to enabling content publishing (user-generated content) through the website for a certain period of time with the content being previously delivered by the user to the Executive Producer, the Chamber or the user publishes/writes it independently or communicates it on the website, in which case the Chamber acquires the right to utilise the content without having to pay a special charge (except when the charge is explicitly underscored or communicated for a particular type of content) and without substantive, spatial and temporal limitation particularly so the content may be: utilised, disseminated, edited, published, broadcast to the public, adapted, publicly shown and/or displayed, further broadcast or modified/reproduced through streaming, downloading, broadcast, thumbnail or any other media. It is deemed that under such a consent the user and the Executive Producer in the name and on the account of the Chamber have entered into a legal agreement according to the conditions stipulated in this item.
    • The Executive Produce shall ensure that this user content is used appropriately in accordance with the editorial policy. In particular user-generated content refers to: comments, forum posts, opinions, reviews, texts, photos, video and audio content, illustrations, caricatures and audio-visual content.
      The user guarantees that it is entitled to all rights to the content delivered to the Executive Producer and the Chamber and third parties are not entitled to any rights that reduce or could reduce the rights to the content as acquired by the owner of the Chamber’s website. In case of any third party claims related to indemnification of damage lodged with the Chamber, which are in any way related to the delivered content, the User undertakes to take all action to prevent or eliminate the damage (non-proprietary of proprietary) and undertakes to send all required declaration to third parties in writing stating that the Chamber exploited the said content in good faith and that it had no ground for suspicion regarding the fact that the user was not entitled to the content.
    • The user explicitly accepts the commenting rules established herein, which shall apply to and exploitation and/or use of any website content, content publishing and publishing content requiring prior registration for the website and it is strictly prohibited:

Commenting rules

  1. To directly or indirectly threaten users, journalists, administrators or subjects of the articles, which may result in criminal prosecution
  2. To insult on the ground of nationality, race, gender or religion, hate speech and promotion of violence
  3. To collect and publish personal information
  4. To publish false information with aim of misrepresentation or defamation and trolling – intentional provoking of other users
  5. To advertise, publish nontopical content, spam, copyright infringement
  6. To use swearwords, except when they are used as a figure of speech, i.e. they are not directly addressed at anyone
  7. To write in any script other than the Latin script
  8. To insult other users and their comments, contributors, direct or indirect subjects of the articles



  1. In case of violation of rules 1, 2 and 3, the user’s account will be disabled for 5 days and, if needed, the user will be reported to competent authorities. The user needs to commit two serious violations in order to be receive a penalty of 5 days (red card)
  2. Its account will be disabled for 24 hours for violation of other rules (the user receives a penalty after a third yellow card)
  3. Violation of rules after the account has been disabled will result in being disabled for a longer period followed by a complete account removal


  1. Threatening or intrusive manner of repetitive and/or inconsequential messages and comments is not allowed.
  2. The user shall be personally held liable for the published content or made available on the website, given that neither the Executive Producer nor the portal’s owner cannot control and/or moderate every post made by the user and they shall not be held accountable for the post’s content.
  3. The Executive Producer and the Chamber reserve the right to remove, relocate and/or edit any post at their discretion deemed to constitute a violation of these Terms and commenting rules. In case of gross and persistent violation of Terms, the Executive Producer and the Chamber reserve the right to delete the user from the archive thereby automatically deleting all previous comments posted by the user.


  1. When registering or creating a user account, the user is required to choose a name under which it will use the service and also needs to choose a safety password and supply a valid e-mail address. All information needed for registering or crating a user account must be authentic. Using other people’s data is strictly prohibited. Using inappropriate user names is not allowed when creating a user account. Each user is entitled to open one user account, except if the Executive Producer allows it to open another account.
  2. Registration or a user account are opened only for one person and it is prohibited to disseminate registration or user account information to third parties. The user is obliged to keep its password and user account data safe. Using another registration or user account is prohibited.
  3. In case of violation of provisions stipulated herein, the Executive Producer reserves the right shut down the registration or the user account at its discretion, without prior notice and liability to indemnify any cost or damage suffered by the user.


  1. The Executive Producer and the Chamber undertake to respect the website users’ anonymity and privacy and to use and process the data for the purposes as defined by these Terms.
    The Executive Producer can collect the users’ personal data, including names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, only if they are voluntarily provided by the user for the exclusive purpose of the Executive Producer gaining insight into specific user needs, habits and requirements as well as developing even better service provision based on the tailor-made principle.
  2. The Executive Producer and the Chamber reserve the right to collect, process and publish user information related to how they use the website, as well as demographic indicators, but only insofar as not to divulge the user’s identity and/or personal data enabling the user’s identity to be disclosed.
  3. The Executive Producer on behalf of and on the account of the Chamber collects and logs data pertaining to the user’s IP (Internet Protocol) address or the computer’s location in order to perform system administration, malfunction elimination or enhancing the website’s technical performance.
  4. The Executive Producer shall on behalf and on the account of the Chamber automatically register how the users use the website. It shall also maintain a log file regarding certain page and/or content views. Such data will be used by the Executive Producer and the Chamber only to enhance their service and adjust and personalise promotional activities according to the needs of each user.


  1. A small amount of data, also known as Cookies, is stored on the users’ computer so the website would display all of its features. Cookies refer to information stored on the user’s computer by the visited website.
  2. Cookies store website settings such as the preferred language or address. The next time you use the website, the internet browser will send back the cookies pertaining to that website.
  3. By selecting “Agree” the user approves the use of Cookies.


By registering or creating a user account the user gives its approval and consent to be contacted via e-mail and to receive promotional material and notifications regarding promotional activities.
Users belonging to the website’s online community receive notifications and messages through their user interface.


These Terms are interpreted and applied under the legislation of the Republic of Croatia with the only competent court in case of disputes being in Zagreb.

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