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The Amalija craft has been in existence since 2015, and it deals with the making of souvenirs and occasional gifts. Jelena Matić started making souvenirs in high school days, succeeding the work of her mother who has led the craft so far. Along with formal education, she started the souvenir production with drawing on glass and making jewellery. Today, together with her mother she is painting a variety of useful objects with the motifs of the Turopolje homeland, such as parts of folk costumes: lajbek (a kind of traditional vest), poculica (a kind of traditional hat), podgutnica (a kind of traditional tie) and the well-known licitar (a kind of gingerbread) heart.

I mostly draw licitar hearts on glass, and we often custom make whatever is feasible for weddings”, adds Jelena.

Apart from traditional items, they create unique necklaces and bracelets, ornaments and various occasional decorations, depending on customers’ needs and wishes. “We also make decorative ornaments for Christmas and Easter. Our main market is our friends and acquaintances who recommend us by word of mouth,” she emphasises.

The work we do is very creative and inspiring. This is helped by our customers, because with their wishes we are inspired by even greater creativity. The hand pieces that we would emphasize as the most important and the most appealing to the customers are the maize dolls painted with the motifs of the folk costume that customers do not often encounter“, says Jelena, adding that all items with folk costumes and licitar (a kind of gingerbread) hearts are hand painted.

Their handicrafts can be bought in their atelier in Velika Gorica or at one of the occasional or traditional fairs. “We are mainly focused on orders because we want each customer to have a unique and personalized product, and in the future we want to expand our business and create a range of children’s assortments, especially blankets, and we hope that market placement will be positively accepted“, concludes Jelena Matić, emphasising that she wouldn’t change this job for anything.

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