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Since the end of the School of Applied Arts - sculpture department in Zagreb, and during the studies at the Faculty of Technology, sculptor and designer Danijela Halužan Glumbić has transformed her own creativity and individuality into ARTHOLD craftsmanship founded in 2001.

Under the designation of art craftsmanship, this small manufactory with one employee works hard to create artistic and consuming ceramics and original souvenirs. In the art of ceramic art, Danijela uses special techniques in combination with glass, worn wooden pieces or copper wire, and the collection of used ceramics for the home is characterized by distinctive colours, lively and irregular shapes.

Photo by Ivomi Produkcija

By creating souvenirs which are inspired by her own ideas and designs, special attention is devoted to Zagreb’s motifs, combining two art disciplines, ceramics and painting. She proudly points out that all products are made entirely by hand, mostly in small series, which gives them a dose of uniqueness, and this is what the customers today especially honour.

Since the founding of the craftsmanship, apart from her own workshop, Danijela’s products can be purchased at numerous exhibit-sales events throughout Croatia, and in the years of 2006/2007, she also participated at the group exhibition “The Miraculous World of Angels” organized by the Ethnographic Museum. Recently some of the selected items can also be purchased at the newly opened store ‘Zagreb Crafts Shop‘, located at Ilica 49.


Over the past few years, many visitors of the Croatia and Danijela’s web sites have recognized the value, but also the functionality and usability of her products, so her products can be found in homes of the people in North America, Western Europe, Scandinavia and even the far Australia.

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