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After 25 years of dedicated work in craft sector, six months ago Dijana Smoljo successfully started a creative craft “Klupica” where she makes souvenirs using glass and wood.

With a long-standing experience and in a rush of inspiration, she didn’t have second thoughts about starting her own business, but made a brave decision to be “her own boss” and came up with “Klupica”.

She uses the laser engraving technique to make wood and glass souvenirs, while fibreglass and softer metals can also be engraved. She has come up with interesting messages she engraves on her handicraft with the stand containing rakia bottles or fraklići being among the most popular products. Štamprlek rakia shot glasses are just as sought after by Croatian and foreign customers alike.

Photo: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL

When designing her souvenirs, Dijana Smoljo uses Croatian motifs adored by Croats living abroad, while she often makes custom-made presents depending on the customers’ wishes. “I like giving my friends creative presents for their special occasions”, Dijana tells us while showing us a wooden champagne glass stand she made for her close friend’s wedding anniversary.

She displays her handcraft at fairs across Croatia. Being the member of the souvenir section with the Zagreb Craftsmen Association, she organises several fairs a year that are dedicated exclusively to souvenirs. As far as the souvenir fairs are concerned, customers love čuturice (small canteens) with engraved motifs and writings, various wooden boards with the wanted message. Apart from souvenirs, you can always turn to Dijana if you need one-of-a-kind wedding, christening or other presents. She wants to expand her business by investing in a quality printer which would add coloured knick-knacks to her offer. She has also noticed a growing trend of handmade products which are increasingly recognised and appreciated by Croatian and foreign customers.

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