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Furrier Tomislav Sumrak has been in charge of his family’s craft for the past ten years. He took over from his father who had been running the craft since 1968. Tomislav attained new skills at Krzno Zagreb in order to have a more objective approach to business and, later on, he blended his newly acquired competences with the family tradition.

Furriery Sumrak makes custom-made fur coats, hats and collars. They also perform repairs, sewing and use old models to make new ones. Fox and mink fur are the most common fur types, while organically produced material is imported from Denmark. Furriers attend fairs in order to maintain their competitive edge. The Milan fair is one of the more renowned professional fairs. Tomislav, who is also a member of the International Fur Federation, used the fair to draw inspiration and new ideas. Even though fur fashion is not as fast-changing, it’s very important to keep up with the novelties.

Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

Making a clothing item from the material is my favourite thing. I adhere to certain guidelines, but I also have my creative freedom that enables me to make something unique. There are a couple of furriers left in Zagreb, but every one of them has a distinct style. I feel sad that this trade is fading into oblivion because young people can’t enrol into this particular vocational school anymore. I love my job and I intend to do it as long I’m of working age”, Tomislav says.

Mending old coats, cutting hair and summer storage are nowadays the most sought after services. Furriery Sumrak mostly has steady customers and they don’t plan on making significant changes in the future. As Tomislav points out, it’s vital that you enjoy your work and keep the tradition alive.

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