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Milan Džafić opened his craft in 2004 and mostly makes joinery for church interiors with the aim of contributing to the protection of cultural monuments.

He’s been a carpenter his whole life. Having spent 47 years in crafts and trades, he took the plunge and started his very own woodworking realm in Ivanić Grad. For a long time he made different kinds of joinery and kitchens in Switzerland and Germany. He proudly points out steady customers among athletes and singers who frequently turn to him when in need of complicated items of unique woodwork.

As a craftsman, he mostly makes benches, confessionals, chairs, organs, repairs and restores old sacral furniture and equipment. Milan Džafić takes great pride in making the large door for the church in Sveti Petar u Šumi which is a replica of the old doors. The church in Milna on the island of Brač contains a replica of the large double door.

Photo: Marko Prpić/PIXSELL

When making his products, he exclusively uses larch, cherry and oak wood. Given that every item is handmade, Milan doesn’t have serial production. He uses modern technology in his everyday work, but he also uses old tools as some clients insist that the material be hand processed.

Milan is 76 years old, but he’s happy to point out that the interest shows no signs of abating, while the market niche is encouraging. Orders for church benches, windows, sacristy wardrobes and doors keep coming in, while he hopes that his grandson will take over the joinery craft in the future.

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