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The Nokaj family set up the Gold Jewelry Store Mario in 1990 at Krvavi most 2 in Zagreb, continuing the long family tradition of jewelry making. They expanded their business by opening Lapidarium at Pavla Radića 10, a goldsmith workshop run by Mario Nokaj, and have recently turned their focus to the gallery concept and modern design with their new Rovinj workshop.

At Lapidarium you can find unique gold and silver jewelry collections based on in-house creations and abundant collaboration with various creative individuals. The Nokaj family has introduced a new concept into their family-run goldsmith business, creating real works of art from jewelry while practicing traditional jewelry making techniques. They pride themselves on unique collections made in collaboration with various domestic and foreign artists. They are also proud partners of the Museum of Arts and Crafts, for whose exhibitions they make unique pieces of jewelry.

Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

For all domestic and foreign visitors to Zagreb they have developed the Croatian souvenir “Zlatni licitar” [Gold Licitar Heart], a jewelry line dedicated to the “Licitar” heart as a symbol of fondness and love. The line has been included in a Japanese tourist guide for the young, delighting guests from the Far East for three years already. It offers pendants and bracelets as well as a unique piece with diamonds.

They also cultivate artistic expression through the preservation of the traditional heritage in the form of coral jewelry. They are unique in terms of coral polishing because they do everything from the processing of raw material to the finished product. They draw inspiration from everything around them, and by constant, annual investment in new tools they contribute to the improvement of goldsmith technology.

It is their wish to continue the collaboration with designers on their jewelry collections using improved production technology, particularly focusing on the potential of personalized retail and wholesale lines by providing technical support to young designers. Through everyday efforts and creativity, the Nokaj family intends to keep on attracting domestic and foreign visitors with pieces of jewelry created by their own hands.

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Pavla Radića 10; 10 000 Zagreb
+385 98 9153 112
Ponedjeljak-petak: 08:00-20:00h
Subota: 08:00-15:00h
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