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Svetlana Bursać opened independently her shoemaker craft in 1986 out of her wish and love for the shoemaker trade and handwork. Her Gloria crafts business is specialised in every kind of women’s shoes, which are mainly custom-made.

An economist by training, Svetlana has always been interested in handicraft so she started learning the shoemaker trade from scratch. At a time, she was also taught the trade at a famous Zagreb shoemaker’s, actually her father Bruno Budiselić’s shoemaker shop for a month. She mostly creates wedding shoes and other footwear for special occasions, working only with natural leather and making the 33 to 43 sizes. As a traditional craft, she also does all shoe repairs, and as every shoe is handmade she says that a pair requires approximately two days of effective work.


“Girls mostly bring a photograph of the shoes they want for their wedding, so I replicate them to order,” Svetlana says, adding that they are specific for their production of dance shoes. Girls most often order dance shoes at Gloria because they know they will get comfortable, soft and stable shoes.

She has taken part in “Zlatna igla” for years and in wedding fairs for as many as 12 years. Once a business of seven employees, today the shop run by Svetlana has one more employee, and as Svetlana says, in the sea of uniformity, it distinguishes itself by the long-time unique handwork.

Svetlana Bursać gets inspiration everywhere around her, mostly on the Internet where she follows the trends, and she also educates herself on a daily basis through contacts with clients.


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