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Frequently asked questions

What is Zagreb Crafts?

Zagreb Crafts promotes crafts as part of Zagreb’s culture, establishes traditional and artisan crafts as central to cultural heritage, and includes traditional craft products in the tourist experience, which Zagreb takes great pride in.

How can I find out more about the craftsmen?

In the “CRAFTSMEN” section you can search craftsmen by category and find out all the necessary information about a particular craftsman.

How can I contact craftsmen or order their products?

When you choose a craftsman whose product you want to order, you can contact him/her directly by filling out the blank fields in the “Contact Us” section and submitting your inquiry. The inquiry will automatically be submitted to the e-mail address of the selected craftsman and to the general Zagreb Crafts address. You will receive feedback shortly after submitting your inquiry.

Can I follow Zagreb Crafts on social networks?

You can follow Zagreb Crafts on Facebook and Instagram.

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