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Doris Art

Doris Art is dealing with the making of souvenirs, hand-painted ceramics, glass, metal and textiles with elements of Croatian tradition and cultural heritage.

Ceramics that bring warmth and memories to your home

The warmth of the home is provided by details, so choose for yourself and your loved ones those details which are made with love and care. The tested places where you can find useful or exclusive decorative items are always small craft and art workshops. Today we are presenting two of such workshops to you.

Original souvenirs that foreign and domestic tourists are happy to buy

Tourists are no longer happy to buy the usual souvenirs like magnets for the fridge or cheap key chains with the symbol of the country or city that they are visiting. This need has been recognized by the craftsmen so they offered the tourists, as well as the domestics something nice and authentic in the form of original souvenirs inspired by tradition.

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