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Martina Šimunković is a graduate of art history and ethnology but engaged in the production of fancy glass ornaments. She continued to work in the family glass ornaments workshop and studio where for over 60 years, hand-blown glass ornaments have been made. As a third-generation of glassblowers, she has learned the knowledge from her father Josip Križanić who taught her the art of glass blowing. She is a founder of Koogle.


The name of the craft production of jewellery and related products “AHAT”, to any ordinary observer suggests right away that Goran Hrestak works in artistic and creative field. His activities are much wider and somewhat unusual for our environment. Goran Hrestak deals with the search for primary and secondary deposits of semiprecious, as well as the collecting processing and selling of precious stones. All semi-precious and precious stones used in their work are exclusively from Croatia.

Amalija Craft

The Amalija craft has been in existence since 2015, and it deals with the making of souvenirs and occasional gifts. Jelena Matić started making souvenirs in high school days, succeeding the work of her mother who has led the craft so far. Along with formal education, she started the souvenir production with drawing on glass and making jewellery. Today, together with her mother she is painting a variety of useful objects with the motifs of the Turopolje homeland, such as parts of folk costumes: lajbek (a kind of traditional vest), poculica (a kind of traditional hat), podgutnica (a kind of traditional tie) and the well-known licitar (a kind of gingerbread) heart.

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