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Original souvenirs that foreign and domestic tourists are happy to buy

Tourists are no longer happy to buy the usual souvenirs like magnets for the fridge or cheap key chains with the symbol of the country or city that they are visiting. This need has been recognized by the craftsmen so they offered the tourists, as well as the domestics something nice and authentic in the form of original souvenirs inspired by tradition.

Krasne stvari

Sanja Kemenovic opened a jewellery business two years ago, but has always played with manual work. “As a small child growing up with my father who was a mechanical locksmith, I used to hang around tools and inherit a love for manual labour”, begins her story, Sanja, who nowadays mostly plays with metals, especially silver indeed.


At the back of IRKI’s story is Irena, a creative master of economics who has always wanted to make something for herself with her own hands, no matter if it’s clothing, decoration or accessories.

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