Zagreb Crafts

Create a holiday atmosphere with unique ornaments of our craftsmen

We present you with the Zagreb Crafts craftsmen whose products sing that special note of holiday home arrangement.

The Advent tale of Zagreb and its craftsmen

Advent in Zagreb started on 1st December and it will last until 6th January 2019. This year particular emphasis is placed on cultural events that will put Zagrebers and their guests in the holiday mood and the anticipation of Christmas.

What advent crowns are trendy, how to decorate a table and what to bring when visiting somebody’s home?

Christmas and New Year’s Eve – days of joy when happiness and commitment are expressed in various ways and people get together in warm and decorated homes are ahead. To allow you to make your home radiate with holiday spirit, we asked diligent florists what decorations are the latest fashion this year and what flowers or flower arrangements you should bring if you visit somebody at their home.

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