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Hatmaking shop Cahun

The hatmaking shop Cahun is one of the oldest traditional craft businesses in Zagreb. There is hardly anyone in Zagreb who wouldn’t recognize the famous shop window on a busy Zagreb street at the address Pod zidom 8. Their handicrafts have adorned people all over Croatia for more than eighty years.

The shop was set up as far back as 1935 by the grandfather of the present owner Josipa Cahun, who took over the business from her parents. Representing the third generation of the hatmaking family, Josipa continues the production of handmade hats, which she adapts to modern trends.

Constituting a landmark business in the Zagreb cultural heritage, they have passed down the art of hatmaking from generation to generation. This is the reason why Josipa sees the possibility of her daughter continuing the family tradition.

Photo: Danijel Berković/PIXSELL

The technique of making handmade hats has remained stable throughout the years, and all headgear is still made using wooden and aluminum hat molds. When it comes to materials, they use rabbit fur most because it can withstand all weather conditions. They also use wool for the production of modern caps and popular berets.

The times when a hat was seen as a status symbol and everybody wore it are long gone. That is why besides classic hats they make all kinds of headgear—from headbands to bobble caps. They proudly boast collaborations with the film industry, theaters, and arts organizations. They also point out that tourists, in particular, value handicrafts. Both men and women have recognized their first-class headgear, and are always glad to come back for a unique hat with a long time guarantee.

Every hat goes through several phases of creation and realization as well as through a few pairs of hands in the making process. Thanks to eighty years of dedicated work, the Cahun family assumes a particularly important place in the cultural heritage of Zagreb.

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Vlaška 59; 10 000 Zagreb
+385 1 4814 975
Monday-friday: 09:00-19:00h
Saturday: 09:00-14:00h
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