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Husband and wife Tonica and Darko Balen started their family’s business in a flat located in 28 Ilica Street. As their business and family grew ever larger, so they set about finding a new location. Kopir biro Balen has been located at 11 Kaptol since 1981 and you can still find it at the same address.
O obrtu

Tonica was a technical drawer, while Darko was an architect. As a result of circumstances they came up with the idea of starting a craft that would deal with bookbinding and related services. Their daughter Natalie Orsag took over the business in 2014.

Natalie watched from an early age as her parents developed their business. Later she got a job at their company and continued expanding the business. They have another employee, Ivana. She’s worked in Kopir biro Balen for the last 13 years. Among other things, this craft offers printing, copying, laminating, magnet, mug and T-shirt printing, plotting, binding, computer processing and other bookbinding services.

Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

“A feeling of spite keeps me going. A spite to make it through. Excellent communication with customers is vital, especially with our most faithful clients. We’re proud of our cooperation with the Church, theatre Komedija. Generally speaking, we have a fantastic relationship with legal and physical entities from Kaptol, Opatovina, Tkalčićeva Street and adjacent neighbourhoods. There are some clients that come all across the city because they value our business approach and know that they’ll get the best value for their money. Our location is ideal for our needs. We’re located in the city centre, but it’s still a pretty quiet working environment”, Natalie explains.

Their future plans include getting a UV printer and an external printing plotter. They will enable them to expand their offer and increase their competitive edge. Family tradition is the main thing that comes into Natalie’s mind at the mention of her craft. Bearing in mind the amount of effort and hard work needed to establish a business, Natalie is even more proud of what her parents have accomplished. She hopes that her family’s business will have a long and successful future.

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