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Furriery Tomić

Vid Tomić started the Tomić family furriery tradition in 1938 at 15 Masarykova Street. His nephew Boško took over the business after Vid and finaly Boško’s son Zoran Tomić took over in 2003.

He holds a degree in economics, but he’s been involved in the family business from an early age so his retraining was no accident. He learned the business by working and became a qualified furrier.

Furriery Tomić makes coats, jackets, hats, collars, accessories and similar clothing items. They also own a coat storage vault, which is a very sought after service. But as Zoran states, alterations make up the bulk of their work. Alterations and transforming old clothing items are the main reason why clients come by. Their clients want to give this fantastic material a modern twist or adjust it to their body shape. Fur is a durable material and, depending on the cut, it can be modifies according to the client’s needs even after a long time. Fur came to be used because of climate change and later on over the course of history it came to be regarded as a fashion statement. Given that this is such a specific line of work, trends are not as volatile.

Photo: Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL

“Creativity and a happy customer make me feel good. Every clothing item is an interesting story in its own right and, much like women, cannot be compared to any other. A happy customer whose every last with has been taken into account is the best possible marketing strategy. We have plenty of clients who’ve been coming by for generations, but we look forward to every new client. Considering the dire economic situation, fur products are considered a luxury item. As far as the craft’s future is concerned, that pretty much hinges on market conditions. My hope is that the overall standard of living will go up. There will always be a certain amount of demand for our services”, Zoran says.

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Masarykova 15; 10 000 Zagreb
+385 1 4855 197
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