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Fashion craft Dora has been managing to buck all kinds of trends since 1986 when it was opened by Mirjana Rubić. Today the craft is run by her daughter Dora who was actually named after the salon.

Located in the very heart of Zagreb and just a stone’s throw from the Stone Gate, fashion salon Dora designs women’s clothing. Over the course of time they’ve specialised in making unique coats, jackets and raincoats. Each of their one-of-a-kind piece has earned them steady customers who always come back to get their statement coat. Most women are amazed by the cut, materials and top-notch production.

Photo: Petar Glebov/PIXSELL

Fashion craft Dora employs two tailors, which enables the craft to design unique feminine coats made from the finest natural materials while placing emphasis on handwork at the same time. They mostly make unique pieces or small collections and they’re able to design and sew coats according to the client’s wishes. The mother-daughter duo works together every day and complement each other while designing clothing items. Every year they take part in the Golden Needle, but recently they were involved in an interesting artistic collaboration. They created a specific fashion collection containing twenty pieces using cloth with replicated paintings. This collection was featured at painter Jonathan Roberts’ exhibition in Zagreb.

“By using a feminine cut we managed to create a timeless piece that fits every woman”, Dora Rubić says and points out that every woman utters “Wow” after she tries on their coat. “Foreign visitors really value handwork and more of them have been coming by since the New York Times published an article including us in their video 36 Hours in Zagreb where they cited us as an example of thriving domestic production”, Dora remarks.

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