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Olivera Cavrić is an academy-trained painter and graphic designer who started her own studio, a craft for artistic creation and design in 2017. For the second consecutive year she’s decorating interiors in Croatia and around the world.

Having graduated painting and graphic design at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje in 2003 in the class of professor Dušan Perčinkov, she held an independent exhibition called Visual Simulations. “Visual simulations are still my challenge when it comes to visual art. I also use graphic design to express myself visually, and I spent 13 years working as a graphic designer in a corporation. Driven by a desire to strike a better work-life balance, I decided to start my own business”, Olivera Cavrić tells us. The common denominator of her paintings is creating a positive vibe. “I believe in the power of the individual and that all of us can find our inner beauty and satisfaction. I believe that my paintings are empowering, they convey that it’s ok to be bored, that making a fantastic lunch, being a good parent or a friend is brilliant. I want my paintings to be tiny reminders of ourselves, our perfection”, she also adds that she wants people to look on the bright side of life through her work.

Photo: Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL

Olivera Cavrić proudly singles out the Happy Zagreb, Happy Croatia and New Media souvenir collections, which came to fruition based on a need to share happiness with others. Apart from the positive message they convey, souvenirs of Zagreb and Croatia look like a combination of an artistic painting and graphic design. The intention was to come up with a souvenir that’ll keep up with the latest trends and aesthetics when it comes to making souvenirs. Colourful drops, intuitively superimposed over a recognisable motif of Zagreb and Croatia, represent joy, sharing and love. This kind of emotion is precisely what people recognise and what binds them to the place where they abided, “I want them to take positive memories of a unique and happy Croatia with them”, Olivera says.

The HAPPY series are original, authentic paintings that were completely handmade (stamp transfer, acryl and pastel), while the NEW MEDIA souvenirs are computer painted using a graphic pencil and printed as a limited edition.

She mostly uses acryl, dry pastels, markers and pencils because they correspond to her temperament and way of painting. The finding of motifs and trying out different combinations on a computer is followed by the painting process, which is fast and innovative. “The painting process is full of emotions and therefore requires fast techniques, while I mostly use canvass and paper”, Olivera elaborates the creative process behind making a work of art.

She’s most happy when she sees a smile upon the beholder’s face, as well as when the buyer manages to bond with the painting. “Paintings don’t have an expiration date. I believe that people whose hearts are open can feel that. HAPPY paintings can currently be found all around the world and it brings me joy when I get the feedback from the bestower that the painting has managed to find a place in the receiver’s home or office immediately after the opening”, Olivera adds.

As far as the artistic scene in Zagreb is concerned, she remains optimistic. She believes that there’s plenty of room for everybody, while finding the people looking for exactly what you as an artist are willing to give them hold the key to success.

She’d like to continue making paintings that stir joy, give love and compassion. “I want my paintings to be paintings of love, not a record or depiction of historic and social events. I want them to make us stronger when that’s needed. I want them to be our human materialised energy of love in constant interaction with us”, Olivera Cavrić concludes.

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