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The R.I.M. craft tradition started in 1997 in Zaprešić and it was the brainchild of shoemaker Ivan Rubčić. After learning the tricks of the trade from his uncle, he passed the master’s examination and worked in different lines of business, he then opted for starting his own craft.

He came up with the name R.I.M., Rubčić, Ivan i Milan, together with his late brother, who was also a shoemaker. Besides, this was in line with the well-known saying – all roads lead to Rome (R.I.M.) so we didn’t have any second thoughts when it comes to the name. With the help and support of his wife Snježana, he has managed to make his craft-related ideas come true.

The single most important qualities in this line of work are creativity, flexibility and willingness to make something and cater to your client’s wishes. Personally, I find everything interesting. But the best part is when something I made fits the client. Any shoe can look nice. But what’s important is that it fits the person wearing it and then I know that I’ve done it – says shoemaker Ivan.

Photo: Marko Prpić/PIXSELL

This craft offers handmade leather men’s and women’s shoes, as well as flat shoes in all kinds of colours and textures. In addition to that, they can mend their clients’ shoe and this is exactly the service most in demand. Our clients usually reach us through recommendation and they arrive from all regions. What’s interesting is that a lot of Croatians who live abroad and happen to be in Zaprešić decide to put their trust in R.I.M. shoes.

We’d definitely like to maintain our current capacity and quality. We’d also like to take part in craft fairs in order to showcase our continuous presence on the market. The customers nowadays behave and think differently. They buy more, but quality in no longer the ultimate factor. It is up to us to step up our offer. Today’s young people aren’t interested in this line of work. It’d be great if there were so you could pass your knowledge on younger generations so we’re still hoping that things will turn for the better – say Ivan and Snježana who almost always have a smile upon their faces.

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