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The enterprising and innovative Silva Krajačić is the one who founded craft SRČEKO. She decided to make souvenirs to earn a living and the she founded the craft in 2003 in Samobor.

At first she collaborated with the crystal factory in Samobor. The initial idea was for Silva to hand-paint various crystal items in a creative way thereby turning them into usable souvenirs. She drew inspiration from the rich tradition of Samobor. Her favourite motifs are the Licitar Heart, kraluš, lajbek and other folk motifs. It’s important to mention that the glass paintings with a specially ornamented Licitar Heart motif in which a personalised text or message is inscribed are an original copyrighted idea of craft SRČEKO.

The gist is that all of the souvenirs I lovingly hand-paint become personalised gifts on the spot. I’m happiest when I manage to infer what the customers want and go about making it come true”, Silva points out.

Photo: Slavko Midzor/PIXSELL

Hand-painted ceramics is also an important part of the offer at craft SRČEKO. Hand-painted ceramic Licitar Hearts, Licitar horsies and ceramic mugs deserve particular attention because each of these souvenirs is a result of the author’s current inspiration. She also expanded her craft’s offer to include her very own souvenir publishing. The book “Samo Samobor”, which received the Silver Cube ADC Croatia award, is a true standout. Set “Samobor postcards”, Belot cards with Samobor motifs “Samoborske mađarice” and topical wall calendars are also souvenirs that have been devised by craft Srčeko.

Every souvenir has it very own passport, a note with the contact details that everyone who’s interested may use to find their way to Silva’s craft. Moreover, SRČEKO takes part in numerous fairs and you can check out their website where you can browse the wide range of souvenirs and how to get them.

Reliability and quality are the best promotion, I’m happy when customers recognise my work and decide to come back or recommend me. I’m going to keep putting quality and aesthetics first. I don’t have much time and I have to make to most of it. Mostly I do everything myself and that requires dedication. I enjoy every single stage of the process, which encompasses the production itself, sales and the customer’s satisfaction”, Silva Krajačić emphasises.

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