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In a craft shop that holds the traditional and artistic status certificate Mirko Mađarčević successfully makes Tiffany and stained glass, while part of the shop functions also as a gallery in which paintings are framed and furnished.

As a member of the fourth generation of craftsmen in the family, Mirko Mađarčević set up his art glassmaking shop in Sesvete, Zagreb, in 1997. Glass as a material for extraordinary artistic accomplishments intrigued the Mađarčević family enough to persuade them to use its expressive potential and develop fondness for this, as they describe it, very demanding trade, which requires experience, creativity, and love.

Photo: Petar Glebov/PIXSELL

In addition to glassmaking, Mađarčević specializes in the restoration of stained glass, which he finds very demanding. “Certain glass colors and structures are no longer available, and it is difficult to reproduce the style of the original,” he says.

“Stained glass as an art composition formed from pieces of colored glass held together by strips of lead guarantees full freedom of expression through the phases of drawing, sketching, and making,” relates Mađarčević, who cannot hide his fondness for the glassmaking technique characterized by simple lines and the play of colors and forms.

Sacral motifs used to be more represented in the glassmaking business, but today the technique is used mostly for decoration, and clients can choose between different styles. There is an increasing demand nowadays for printed glass, mainly for kitchen surfaces. Customers often order custom-made decorative mirrors, and Glass Design can even make matt glass to order by means of sandblasting.

“Every article is fully hand-made and requires a lot of time to be designed and produced, a fact still underappreciated,” says Mađarčević. You can find an online gallery of Glass Design products on their official website.

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