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Woodwork Vouk is one of Zagreb’s oldest crafts with a tradition dating back to 1926 when it was founded by Antun Vouk. His son Dragutin then took over the business. In 1947 he opened a workshop in Križevci in addition to an existing woodwork business in Zagreb. The craft is currently headed by his son Zlatko who took over the business in 1990.

Woodwork Vouk produces superior quality one-of-a-kind furniture for a good night’s sleep and a good rest. As Zlatko puts it, their happy customers are the best advertising. They apply the latest technological and scientific research on sitting, lying and sleeping when making their products. All of their products are made using natural materials such as wood, coconut, cotton, linen and combined with springs. Upholstery fabric and other materials such as natural and artificial leather are used furniture covers.

Zvonko takes great pride in the highest grades regarding quality awarded by the Wood Industry Research Institute at the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb. His bed frame has been included in the university text book “Bed and Health” authored by professor Grbac.


Woodwork has always been a hobby of mine. Since I’ve become a craftsman, it’s also my job. Every plank is unique and if you’re able to discern that, then you’re able to see nature in all its glory. I used to make little chairs and enjoyed playing with wood even when I was a child. Wood is one of the most rewarding materials one can work with”, Zlatko says and adds that complicated items are his personal favourite because they make an additional challenge.

Woodwork Vouk plans on following designer standards and maintaining the high level of quality.

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Selska 54; 10 360 Sesvete
+385 1 2047 332
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