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If you go to Mlinovi 2 in Zagreb, you’ll find an unique and unusual profession. Franka Vatovac Tomičić belongs to the third generation of a family that produces handmade candles. Franka’s grandparents started the craft in 1937 and this is one the few candlemaking crafts that have managed to stay in business to this very day.

Thanks to Franka’s lively spirit and inspiration she draws from everyday life, craft Vatovac has completely shifted its business philosophy to catering to today’s market.

In addition to being a rare handmade product, their fantastic candles are made from natural materials so Franks mostly uses a mixture of palm tree wax and paraffin that makes the candles burn more than thirty hours.


“So many years of tradition obliges me to keep the family craft running. Besides, I love making candles because I get to play around with colours and fragrances every day”, Franka Vatovac Tomičić explains. Franka reinvigorated her traditional family craft by offering ready-made wedding decorations, which are a logical continuation of her creative work.

By using all kinds of shapes, colours and fragrances, Franka Vatovac Tomičić makes all kinds of creative candles that are intended for baptisms, weddings and souvenir shops. She’s created a Licitar Heart-shaped candle for souvenir shops and it has enthralled foreign visitors. Also, a web shop has been opened, with candles and special collections for different events in cooperation with other Croatian crafts.

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Mlinovi 2, 10 000 Zagreb; 10 000 Zagreb
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