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Clockmaker’s shop Lebarović

The legendary clockmaker’s shop was founded as far back as 1947 by Simeon Lebarović. Today it is owned by Dalibor Lebarović, the sixth clockmaker in the family.
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You must have found yourself countless times under the impressive clock in Zagreb’s main square and you may have noticed the name of the clockmaker Lebarović on it. As one of the most recognizable symbols and meeting places in Zagreb, this clock is inseparable from the clockmaker Dalibor Lebarović, the main “culprit” for reminding us if we are late.

The shop set up seventy years ago is responsible for the punctual ticking of more than three hundred clocks all over Croatia, and in addition to checking them on a daily basis, the shop is responsible for making them—from start to finish.

Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

They make bases, frames, and clock hands, and they set up the mechanics. They used to make church clocks on a larger scale, while today they mount and maintain the existing ones, as well as doing some clock repairs.
All clocks are made in accordance with individual wishes, and the Lebarović family point out that the lifetime of a clock case and column, with regular maintenance, is at least fifty years.

Possessing a wide range of knowledge, they make clock electronics themselves, and they also specialize in the restoration of all kinds of watches and wall clocks.
Our advice is to look around yourself next time you are in Zagreb and you may discover some Lebarović clocks that you did not know existed.

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Maksimirska cesta 52; 10 000 Zagreb
+385 98 621 214
+385 1 2305 333
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