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As a completely self-taught blacksmith with a penchant for iron, Igor Panković set up his shop in 2006. In the Arteferrum workshop he forges metal in a traditional way, using it to make modern articles.

Once a respectable trade, blacksmithing has all but disappeared, which is why Igor has always taken interest in it. With a pronounced predilection for artistic expression, he has managed to bring trade and art together forming them into a perfect combination of different styles.

Arteferrum describes itself as a small workshop with a great knack for the artistic forging of iron. They make objects in different styles. So far they have been making fences, beds, lamps, chandeliers, doors, artistic locks, candelabra, and various interior and exterior design decorative objects. During the making process they heat iron on charcoal and coke, then forge it on the anvil or with the power hammer. Forged parts are then joined together to make the final product.

Igor used to make mostly fences, which was time-consuming as it was done completely by hand, while today he makes mostly products to order for eating and drinking establishments. Thus Igor’s handcrafted objects can be found in popular Zagreb café bars such as Tesla, Bodega, and Funk. He has designed and made a numbers of his iron articles in collaboration with designers and architects but also on his own. In addition to the Zagreb café bars, he prides himself on being part of the team that made the clock, the stairs, and the stained glass in the restaurant Graben30 in Vienna.

Photo: Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL

This is the very reason he came up with Arteferrum Industrial, an industrial style line comprising ceiling or floor lamps, bar stools, and various metal elements catering for fans of industrial style home decoration. With this line, Igor Panković harks back to the industrial era while remaining true to the unique handcrafting philosophy. “Industrial style furniture in our workshop – be it old, painted, brushed, or embossed – possesses a special charm,” says Igor.

As each and every article is handcrafted, no product is the same and therefore customers look for inspiration by looking at photographs. Igor Panković doesn’t specialize in larger series production. His wish is to present his work to the tourism sector and hoteliers so that they keep Arteferrum in mind when a refurbishment is in order. He plans to open a showroom with finished products, and, until that happens, you can see some of his work on the Arteferrum website or on Facebook.

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