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Petra Candle is a relatively young craft, founded in 2015, following the twist of circumstances and longtime hobby of Nenad Radmanovic. In a market that is overwhelmed with imported and often inferior quality goods, Petra Candle's craft deals exclusively with the handmade candle manufacture.

“All candles are handmade of high quality wax and eco-wick. We make decorative candles of different shapes, sizes and colours as well as the ones with fragrances and scents. Candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes: in cans, glassware or as desired by the customers. They can be in different fragrances and scents: lavender, citronella, pure cotton, coconut, vanilla, strawberry, red flower, rose, lilac, lilies, oranges, oranges with cinnamon, green apple, apple with cinnamon”, describes Nenad Radmanović, everything they have in offer.

Foto: Ivomi produkcija

Customers often order customized candles with a picture or a logo of a company, Christmas candles, snowballs, angels and other Christmas motifs, then Easter candles which come in the shapes of bunnies, ducks or Easter eggs; as well as other seasonal candles with sea motifs, Valentine’s Day motifs and some other candles for other occasions.

Foto: Ivomi produkcija

In making of the candle, Petra Candle invests a lot of effort, will and desire to meet all customer requirements.

Every day we have some new ideas that we try to present and to satisfy the potential buyers, either through the web site, Facebook or by participating at various fairs such as Advent in Zagreb, the Easter Fair in Zagreb, Flora Art – where we will be participating this year for the third time”, explains Nenad Radmanovic.

As he says, every day there is a new challenge which he easily accepts and tries to follow the trends. “This year we have some news: candle FLET on the stand, scented candles with a wooden wick”.  He also adds, that he is most fond of making candles for their returning customers. “The quality of our candles is unquestionable because every candle has manually left out our hands so there would be no question of quality”.

Foto: Ivomi produkcija

They are currently satisfied with the demand, and for the future they hope that they will continue to work and survive on the market for a long time. Candles can be bought and ordered in Zagreb at Josip Slavenski 7, via Facebook, at various fairs, in Zagreb’s souvenir shops or at Plitvice Lakes,  some bookstores and flower shops in Špansko – Zagreb, Vrbani – Zagreb, Crikvenica and Vodice as well as on the island of Brač and Krapanj.

Foto: Ivomi produkcija

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