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06 Nov

Emotions and touch interwine in sculpture

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Meet another great story by Zagreb ceramic craft, ART HD sculptor and designer Danijela Halužan Glumbić!

Danijela Halužan Glumbić, owner of ART HD, wrote a program proposal for Zagreb Crafts shop that includes craft workshops as an innovation with the aim of enhancing competitiveness. Under the label of an art craft, her small manufactory makes usable and art pottery as well as original souvenirs.

For those who are thinking about a ceramics course, Danijela points out – doing the job you love is an everyday pleasure!

“They say dreams are achievable if we have the courage to follow them. My love is sculpture, emotions and touch intertwine in that craft. I wanted to create useful pieces that would be as original as my design, and so I fell in love with ceramics,” says the craftswoman, adding that she wants to share experience with anyone who feels creative. Workshops that she plans to start within the Zagreb Crafts Shop can be joined by anyone who is thinking about making ceramics and above all dreams of doing small but wonderful things.

Since in ceramics one can experiment indefinitely, workshops teach modeling and develop motor skills. “There are several stages in the manufacture of objects – modeling, glazing and baking. Clay is a type of natural soil, and modeling signifies creating different forms. Except by hand, it is also formed with a special tool. Modeling requires skill and a certain amount of time – for example, if we want to make a vase it will take about 60 minutes. First the clay is rolled out and the motif is pressed into it, then the shapes are carefully cut and joined into a conical shape and such clay is air-dried for one day. Baking clay in ceramic furnaces at high temperatures creates ceramics, and a beautiful, shiny vase is formed by glazing,” explains Danijela Halužan Glumbić. In conclusion, she adds that through her many years of experience in sculpting and ceramics workshops, she enjoyed the energy of the participants who convinced her how wonderful the pottery really is.

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