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28 Oct

Licitars, candles and painted crystal as souvenirs

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Zagreb’s craftsmen offer a vast array of one-of-a-kind handmade products, but this time we’ve singled out three of them who are constantly adding to the already diverse range of Croatian souvenirs.

How would you react if you could take the smell from trip home with you in a jar? Whether you want to take the scents of the Mediterranean or another memory with a scent to your liking back home with you, Franka Vatovac makes personalised candles in cans lest your memories fade into oblivion. Candle souvenirs are one-of-a-kind yet special as you get to choose the scent and name of the city. As far as Franka’s candles are concerned, gentle, lavender-scented candles are by far the most popular ones. The candles are placed in a box, ready to take greetings from Croatia to all corners of the world. Should you want to get personalised candles, contact Franka Vatovac at

Silva Krajačić designs personalised usable crystal souvenirs and she’s happiest when her customers have a smile upon their faces. Apart from painted Licitars, craft Srčeko uses the Licitar motif on crystal glasses, which are adored by tourists. Every Silva’s souvenir has it very own passport, a note with the contact details that everyone who’s interested could use to find their way to Silva’s craft. Her souvenirs have made their way even to the United States where the presents made such an impression that Silva’s brimming with future plans.

Photo: Jurica Galoic/PIXSELL

Tomica Marica is a craft specialising in Licitar Hearts made from salty dough that requires special care. It’s adored by tourists who often take them to their long trips and it’s a favourite souvenir for people of all ages and stages. Ljiljana Milla still goes to great lengths to keep her family craft running by making medenjaci and Licitar in a traditional way.

Zagreb Crafts can help all those who’re interested to browse the wide range of personalised souvenirs made by these three crafts that do their very best to personalise your memories and use their handicraft to make them last forever.

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