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02 Oct

Zagreb designers and craftsmen presented their collections at the 85. Zlatna igla!

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Dive into the world of Zlatna igla, a unique fashion show held for the 85th time this year!

At the recently held 85th Zlatna igla more than 100 craftsmen presented their work. The fashion show once again showed all the splendor of Zagreb designers, and, in addition to its 85-year-long tradition, Igla boasts a unique image. In the Anton Marti studio on Croatian Radio and Television, the collections were presented by the following authors: XD Xenia Design, Etno butik Mara, NIT by Ana Žarković, Stolnik, Vjenčanice Ljubav, Krojački obrt Jura, Nada Došen, Mustre modna manufaktura, Iva Karačić, Milena Rogulj, Muška moda Šabić, Modni salon Dora, Krznarija Sumrak and Igor Galaš.

Modni salon Dora presented its coats with author jewelry of another Zagreb craftsman, Lapidarium, and other Zagreb craftsmen presented their creations on the runway, such as furrier Tomislav Sumrak who makes custom-made fur coats.

Etno butik Mara found inspiration for this year’s collection in the Slavonian embroidery – gold embroidery. “Traditional gold embroidery ornaments are stylized on clothing pieces such as women’s tailcoat, corset and shirt. This year, Etno butik Mara also presented three models of men’shirts and vests, also with elements of gold embroidery, intended for a younger, elegant man”, the Zagreb designers told us about their presentation.

Along with the models, the collections were shown by legendary models who marked the event in the 90s, and Antun Trojnar, president of the Association of Craftsmen of the City of Zagreb, proudly pointed out: “After the Zlatna igla jubilee, Zagreb craftsmen showed that they are stronger than COVID-19 and  earthquakes because they managed to make these difficult times beautiful with their creations. More than 100 craftsmen contributed to this year’s fashion show and as the president of the Association of Craftsmen of the City of Zagreb, I would like to thank everyone who participated in its organization. I would also like to thank the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra that added an extra touch with its performances and raised the bar of Zlatna igla production.”

The fashion show was broadcast live from Zagreb’s Prisavlje with the glamorous musical accompaniment of the Zagreb Philharmonic and director Mirko Boch, who for the first time in history accompanied the model’s appearances on the catwalk. Finally, the fashion show marked another anniversary. The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra has celebrated 150 years of work which makes 2020 a special year for the tradition of top music in Zagreb and Croatia.

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