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20 Jan

Glamorous 84th Golden Needle gathered Croatian Fashion Artisans

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The Zagreb artisans are proud of their tradition and recognition, which is confirmed this year…

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The Zagreb artisans are proud of their tradition and recognition, which is confirmed this year on the 84th birthday of the Golden Needle, this Sunday, 03 November 2019 at the Hypo Centre. The fashion profession, well known and respected celebrities and fashion enthusiasts attended a glamour creation show by local designers completed with creative beautiful hairstyles and striking jewellery.

Tihana and Saša Zalepugin, Olja and Igor Vori, Stephan Lupino, Miroslav Ćiro Blažević, Anezi, Ksenija Urličić, along with many government officials, are only a part of the guests who wanted to see the latest developments in the fashion industry and support the work of Croatian craftsmen.

The Golden Needle is a teamwork of all sections of the Association of Artisans of the City of Zagreb, which proves the commonality in creating the future Croatian brand. The quality of materials and workmanship and the imaginative combination of colours and fabrics are the hallmarks of this glamorous event.

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Zagreb Deputy Mayor Olivera Majić emphasised that the City of Zagreb has traditionally supported craftsmanship and the Golden Needle, “which promotes the centuries-old tradition of Zagreb craftsmanship. By engaging in promotion and following contemporary trends, Zagreb artisans always strive to preserve the tradition of the City of Zagreb to a recognisable Zagreb style. More than 16 million kunas has been invested this year by the City in the development of entrepreneurship, and the number of 2,000 new trades opened in a year is also a success.”

Head of the City of Zagreb’s Office for Economy, Energy and Environmental Protection Mirka Jozic said after the show: “This is an opportunity for designers, hairdressers, beauticians, furriers to show what they know. Craftsmanship, as a trademark of the City of Zagreb, is back in style.”

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Mirza Šabic, President of the Zagreb Chamber of Trades and Crafts, emphasised: “The 84th Golden Needle is a big deal for us artisans, because it is an opportunity to promote not ourselves as creators but our colleagues, hairdressers, beauticians, shoemakers, florists, hat-makers… Today we have shown that we have an idea, that we know how to do it and that we have excellent quality. I look forward to the next 85th Golden Needle!”

Antun Trojnar, president of the Association of Artisans of the City of Zagreb, said that the strength of craftsmanship and the trend of increasing the quality of craftsmanship and craftsmen themselves and their number are visible.” The great response to today’s show, the large number of exhibitors, over 50 artisans involved in the organisation of this event demonstrates the great importance of the Golden Needle. We look forward to organising even better following the 85th Golden Needle!”

Miroslav Ćiro Blazevic, one of the most beloved football coaches in this region, said: “No one is equal to us! I congratulate everyone who has been nurturing for more than 80 years an event that gives not only Zagreb but Croatia as a whole a wonderful dimension.”

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At this year’s Golden Needle participated: Mustra Fashion Manufactory, Nit by Ana Žarković, Fashion Designer Iva Karačić, AJD’sign by Antonia Jakšić Dorotić, Open Studio by Milena – Fashion Designer Milena Rogulj, Mara Ethno Boutique, Tailor Crafts Jura, Stolnik, Crafts for Design Kad Tad, Dora Fashion Show, XD Xenia Design, DNK by Nada Došen, Gala, Men’s Fashion Šabić, Fashion Designer and Freelance Artist Igor Galaš, Fur Sumrak, and Wedding Dresses Ljubav.

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The theme of this year’s Mustre collection is the application of refined textile and knit fabrics in the design of models using various textile techniques.

Ana Žarković brought the game to the dark tones, and Iva Karačić brought freshness to each day in a slightly different way.

AJD’sign Business Elegance Collection is designed for sophisticated urban women who want comfort and refinement at all times.

The MARA collection consists of simple black and beige long dresses and festive kits decorated with knit ornaments.

Milena Rogulj presented herself with a collection inspired by our ethnic heritage, which was created with the help of 33 women aged 55-75, who combined traditional design and avant-garde high fashion with the designer.

The new Gala collection is inspired by glamour and red carpets, and the one from Stolnik is described as lavish and romantic with baroque touches.

Designer Nada Došen presented a completely black collection in memory of her dear colleague and friend, Nada Kobali, and models wore matching headgear from Nada’s studio.

XD Xenia design has once again delighted all of the audience with its unique style and unique design.

Men’s Fashion Šabić and Igor Gaša have brought a touch of decency and elegance to the men’s fashion world, while Fur Sumrak has been following the world’s trends with quality precious fur garments.

Wedding Dresses Ljubav has presented inspirational creations for the upcoming period “imbued with love”.

A special feature of this year’s Golden Needle was the independent appearance of hairdressers and beauticians who delighted in the unusual and daring creations of the School of Fashion and Design from Zagreb. Performed by: Vida jdoo, Hairdresser Zanetti, Hairdresser Lucija, Hairdresser Cool, Hairdresser Gracia, Hairdresser Kefa, Ana Hairdresser, Hairdresser Studio Stil, Beauty salon De Luxe, Beauty salon Valeno, Beauty salon Xenija, Beauty salon Andrea and Karma Beauty Salon. They have proven to be an indispensable part of the fashion world.

The Zagreb Golden Needle Fashion Show, by its longevity of survival, best describes the persistence, diligence and belief of our artisans that the Croatian product must be maintained in our region. We are pleased to say that another Golden Needle has confirmed that it is the longest and most luxurious fashion show in Croatia.

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Let’s remember that on 15th of October 1935, the first Golden Needle, a traditional artisan fashion show, was held. Made upon the example of the colleagues from Paris, the most famous Zagreb fashion craftsmen stood before the enthusiastic audience, joined by hairdressers, shoemakers and other masters of their crafts. This longest-running fashion event in the region has been promoting Croatian craftsmanship and design for generations.

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