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12 Dec

Create a holiday atmosphere with unique ornaments of our craftsmen

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We present you with the Zagreb Crafts craftsmen whose products sing that special note of holiday home arrangement.

Inspired by different trends in home decoration, we culled Christmas decorations from Zagreb craftsmen’s, which boost any interior in a second. Fresh flowers are an unavoidable symbol of feasts and besides advent crowns and bouquets, your home can radiate magnificent combination of Zagreb’s florists. Using green branches of the Christmas tree, holly, and even laurel and olive, you can make your own floral arrangement that wins over with its simplicity. To obtain expert opinion and advice, we addressed Zagreb’s florists and asked them to disclose the secret of floral arrangement of homes in December.

Spomenka Fabijančić from the Tea Flower Shop foregrounds roses in numerous arrangements and labels with the #recitocvijećem hashtag her daily floral creations that arouse joy among her numerous followers on the social networks.

Fotografija privatna galerija cvjećarnice Tea

Rafaela Petrinić from the Poppy Flower shop, although being a supporter of the minimalist arrangement, thinks that the Christmas arrangement at home should be sumptuous. “If Christmas arrangement of home is opted for, it should be lavish and affluent.”

Making Christmas ornaments manually is a part of the favourite activity of every creative person, and Petra Krhen Antonić is the unique example of continuation of family tradition of production of glass beads in an old-school way. She shapes Christmas beads using transparent glass tubes which are heated, melted into small ampoules, which she further blow out in a way that they get a form of a bead, a bell, small mushrooms and diverse forms. Petra Krhen Antonić’s handmade glass beads will fit perfectly into the minimalist vintage Christmas adornment. Those are beads that you will remember and preserve cautiously for next generations.“Is there anything more beautiful than when on the Christmas Eve you jump around the tree and hook beads with names. And constantly count to see whether you have forgotten somebody. And then, with a cup of hot tea, you enjoy the sparkling of the beads and messages of people thanking you for making their Christmas more beautiful and happier. That is the magic of the Christmas fairy tale of Katarina Craft which we all enjoy,” Petra Krhen Antonić says.

Fotografija: Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL

Licitar ceramic hearts are the eternal motif that perfectly fits into the Christmas decoration of homes and trees. You can use them in floral arrangements you yourself have made, or use them to decorate the Christmas tree or a nook. Silva Krajačić from the Srčeko craft creates exactly such licitar hearts, and her offer also includes ceramic horses with licitar motifs.

Fotografija: Slavko Midzor/PIXSELL

Lollipops from the Fantasia craft are perfect edible decorations for the tree during the Christmas season. “You can see our products at Christmas fairs, and our most popular lollipops are the “umbrellas” which people hang as decorations onto the tree or beneath it as a gift,” Štefica Blaženić says.

Fotografija: Sandra Simunovic/PIXSELL

If you are an admirer of wooden pieces, the Mikuš craft’s licitar bells are a perfect ornament for a Christmas tree. The traditional making with the adored motif of licitar has put the Mikuš Craft to prominence on the Zagreb craft scene.

Fotografija: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL

Completion of the Christmas atmosphere has been taken care of by Franka Vatovac, who has designed a limited collection of feast candles with the flavour of cinnamon and apples. The Vatovac premium candles will give a scented seal to the festive atmosphere at your home.

Fotografija: privatna galerija obrta Vatovac

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